Closed Confirm Remote

Have you ever driven away from your garage and wondered if the door stayed closed?  Well, worry no more.  The Genie Company’s next generation garage door opener remote tells homeowners whether their garage door is closed or not.

Here’s how it works:  Once the garage door closes, the Closed Confirm remote will beep and flash a green light if the garage door closes properly.  If the door instead reverses open, a warning tone will sound and a red light will flash, giving you the opportunity to investigate the reversal.

It’s simple and convenient, but provides peace of mind knowing that in every case your garage door is closed.  If your garage door is really the “front door” to your home, you might want to consider investing in Genie’s newest generation garage door openers just for the added safety and security it offers.  Call us at 801-717-2015 for more information.

Selecting the Right Garage Door Dealer

This post is a word of warning.  In these slow economic times, everyone is scrambling to try and find a way to earn a living.  This has created a unique problem in the garage door industry, one in which indivuduals that are former garage door installers are selling , installing, and servicing garage doors without proper licensing or insurance.  In our industry they are called “tailgaters“.

The biggest problem with tailgaters is that some of the more unscrupulous ones aren’t totally honest, having no problem selling the consumer more than they need at an inflated price.  It is a double whammy that is unfair to the consumer and makes it difficult for legitimate garage door repair companies to gain the confidence of consumers in need.  A tailgater will promise you anything they need to promise because it is likely they won’t be in business in a year, or if they still are in business they won’t respond to a victim’s warranty or other need.

There are hundreds of door dealers in business today in Provo, Orem, and surrounding communities of Utah.  What can you do to assure yourself of selecting the right one?  Here are five checkpoints to use:


Ask them how long they have been a licensed door dealer


Ask them for references from satisfied customers.


Ask if they are licensed.  In Utah, this is easy to check at


Ask for a copy of the company’s Certificate of Insurance.  If they are legitimate, this will be easy to obtain.


A dependable, honest door dealer won’t mind telling you about the basic financial intergrity of their company.

Selecting the right door dealer is as simple as asking a few questions. The most important deals with the issue of reliability. Is the dealer dependable, trustworthy, and safety-conscious? These questions take only moments to answer, and yet they can help you avoid tremendous problems in the future.



One of the most overlooked “appliances” in your home is the garage door.  You press the button. It goes up.  It goes down.  Simple.  Right?

Not really.  Like every other mechanical device you own-your cars, your kitchen and laundry appliances and your heating and cooling systems – your garage door and its operating system needs to be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function properly.

You can perform some simple safety and maintenance tasks yourself.  Other tasks – such as spring repair/replacement, track and roller repair/replacement and door installation – are jobs best left to trained service professionals.

Just as it is common practice to have your home’s heating and cooling systems checked annually, it’s also a good idea to have your door checked  annually by a qualified service technician to ensure that it continues to work properly and effectively.

Never take a garage door system for granted: always use extreme caution when working on it or near it.  Make sure that children understand that the garage door and the garage door opener are not toys.  Never let children play with the door or its operating system.

My final word of advice is just be careful around your garage door.


Latchkey Kids or Keypad Kids?
Survey Says: Kids Choose Codes Over Keys

The term “latchkey kids” may soon be replaced by “keypad kids.”

Today, many of the millions of children who come home to an empty house are now using an exterior garage door keypad to get in the house. The good old-fashioned key is now running a distant second to the keypad.

According to the Chamberlain GarageTrends Survey, 33 percent of parents whose homes have external keypads report that the keypad is the number one way their kids enter the home. Just 22 percent of these children still use a traditional key to get into the house. Other entry methods include having the kids carry a remote control that opens the garage door (8 percent) and leaving a door unlocked (14 percent).

The New Front Door

The survey revealed that the garage door has replaced the front, side, or back door as the most frequently used entry. Of those surveyed, 58 percent enter their home through the garage using either a remote control or external keypad. As technology improves and the wireless revolution gains steam, Leonard says that number is expected to grow.

The majority of people (54 percent) who have purchased an automatic garage door opener or specified one for a new home within the past 10 years have opted for an external keypad as their entry method of choice. In contrast, just 22 percent of homeowners whose garage doors are more than 10 years old have keypads.

WADE SAYS:  Although it is very convenient to allow your children to use the garage door as their main entry into the home, just remember that every time the door opens and closes it is reducing the life of the torsion springs lifting the door.  The result is you will need to change your springs more often than normal.

Safety Check Part 2

  • Test The Reversing Mechanism Monthly

If an object obstructs the door as it is closing, the door should reverse. If the door  does not reverse, have the door system inspected, repaired, or replaced by a trained door systems technician.

  • Test The Door Balance Monthly

With the door in the closed position and the operator disconnected, lift the door. It should lift smoothly and with little resistance and should remain open. If the door does not lift smoothly or remain open, have the door inspected and adjusted by a trained door systems technician.

  • Test The Force Setting Monthly

Standing outside the path of the door, try to hold up the door to stop it from moving downward as it closes. If the door does not easily reverse, the force is excessive. Have the door inspected and adjusted by a trained door systems technician.

Wade says: If anything on your door doesn’t operate properly, call for expert garage door repairs.  Don’t take the chance of injury.



Garage door systems are made to operate safely and reliably.  The garage door is the largest moving object in most homes.  The door system just be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function properly.


  • VISUAL INSPECTION-Look at the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other door hardware for signs of wear.  If you suspect problems, have the system inspected by a trained door systems technician.
  • AVOID A MOVING DOOR AND KEEP HANDS AND FINGERS CLEAR-Do not stand, walk, or run under a moving door.  Hands and fingers must be kept clear from sections, joints, hinges, track, springs, and other door parts.
  • DO NOT LET CHILDREN PLAY WITH TRANSMITTERS OR REMOTE CONTROLS-Garage door operators are not toys.  Keep transmitters and controls out of the reach of children.  Push-button wall controls must be mounted high enough to be out of the reach of children.
  • ONLY OPERATE THE DOOR IF YOU CAN SEE IT-Keep the door in sight until it closes completely.


Garage Door System Safety – An Automatic Decision

A garage door is the largest moving object in the home. They are often operated by electric door openers. Proper installation, operation, and maintenance and testing are necessary to provide safe, trouble-free operation. An improperly adjusted garage door or automatic opener can exert deadly force when the door closes. This could lead to serious injury or death from being hit by a closing garage door or from being trapped under the door.

Safety is Everyone’s Business

A few simple precautions can protect your family and friends from potential harm. Please take a few minutes to read the following safety and maintenance information. Refer to your garage door and opener’s manual for details specific to the model you own. Then check the operation of your garage door and automatic opener.