Consumer Alert


Various websites now advertise garage door service. In these tough economic times, the special offers found on the internet seem very appealing, but please consider there are other issues to consider when purchasing garage door service.

LICENSED CONTRACTORS: Is the individual or company you are trusting to repair your property a licensed contractor in the state of Utah?

YEARS IN BUSINESS:Many of the “dealers” you see in internet and yellow page ads have been in business for less than two years. If you buy from them Buyer Beware. It is likely they won’t be in business next year. But the shoddy product or service they sold you will still be there.

SHOWROOM: Do they have a showroom? This usually indicates a business that is here to stay.

CERTIFIED: Do they have any training certifications? Trained and certified dealerships have a better knowledge base in all aspects of garage door repair.

REVIEWS: Can you find out what other people are saying about them?