Children and Garage Door Safety


It’s important that parents teach their children that the garage door and garage door opener are not toys. That applies to both their home as well as those of playmates and relatives.

At Garage Door Care, we’ve developed a simple learning tool we call D O O R  SAFE that will help you to teach children about garage door safety – four brief messages that you can review with children that will help keep them safe.

D OORS are heavy – never stand, run or play under or near any garage door, especially when the door is open or moving.
O PENERS are for adults – never play with the button on the wall that opens and closes the garage door.
O UCH! – never touch any part of a moving garage door. Your fingers and hands can get hurt!
R EMOTES are for adults – never play with the remote control in the car or on Mom & Dad’s keychain.

Please help us to keep your children safe. Review the D O O R SAFE information with your children from time to time.

And, please remember to keep garage door opener transmitters and remotes out of the reach of children. The garage door opener button installed in the garage should be installed at least five feet from the floor, out of the reach of the little ones’ hands and fingers.

Thank you for taking these important steps regarding children and garage door safety.