Closed Confirm Remote

Have you ever driven away from your garage and wondered if the door stayed closed?  Well, worry no more.  The Genie Company’s next generation garage door opener remote tells homeowners whether their garage door is closed or not.

Here’s how it works:  Once the garage door closes, the Closed Confirm remote will beep and flash a green light if the garage door closes properly.  If the door instead reverses open, a warning tone will sound and a red light will flash, giving you the opportunity to investigate the reversal.

It’s simple and convenient, but provides peace of mind knowing that in every case your garage door is closed.  If your garage door is really the “front door” to your home, you might want to consider investing in Genie’s newest generation garage door openers just for the added safety and security it offers.  Call us at 801-717-2015 for more information.